NW Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo

Auction - 2013

Spey Plate - 2013
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Spey Flies 2013
Poster Plate - 2013
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Poster Plate
Intarsia by Bob Karau
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Intarsia by Bob Karau
Oregon Wild Trout Print

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Jackson Leong's
Blue Morpho Butterfly
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Jackson Leong - Blue Morpho
Loren Black's
Hexagenia Life Cycle
Loren Black - Hexagenia Life Cycle

Pronghorn Ranch Lake
1 Day Fishing for 2 people plus half day of fishing instruction by Denny Rickards


Wasatch Vise and Tool Set Wasatch Vise and Tool Set
  • Classic Steelhead Flies - Tied by Central Oregon Fly Tyers Guild members mounted in a hand made Juniper wood coat rack.
  • A one day hosted fishing trip on NW Oregon coastal stream for native coastal cutthroat.
  • Plate by Bob Jacklin called "The Guide"
  • Poster from Searun Cutthroat Symposium with 6 mounted Spruce Flies
  • Western Mayfly Hatch limited addition #1 of 190
  • Framed Fishermen’s Cartoon by Gene Trump
  • Fly Fishing Trip for Two Montana Fly Fishers & Leaning Tree Lodge
  • Getaway Package for two Wildhorse Resort and Casino- Pendleton
  • Guided Trip for 2 Williamson or Wood River(gear, flies, lunch,& water provided)
  • Jewelry Set (Custom Beaded flies incorporated) 1 Necklace, earring set
  • 1993 Oregon Wild Trout Print 24/30 w/ Stamp-- Signed & Framed
  • Spring Creek 3 pc. 10 ft. 5/6 rod w/ reel backing, line , leader
  • One Year Membership The Oregon Fishing Club
  • Orvis Fly Tying Kit – up scale top of the line
  • Signed a Framed Print “Abstract Fly” named “Caddis” by Tom Hanson
  • Two Plates Three Irish Salmon Flies each by Karl Alleger