NW Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo

2015 Casting Demonstrations

The following people will be doing casting demonstrations over the two day Expo. The demonstrations are free to all attendees.



9:30 am

Josh Richmond, "Cast for Tight Places"

11:00 am

Al Buhr, “Change of Direction Cast for Fishing

12:30 pm

Don Simonson, “Fly Casting Substance and Style

2:00 pm

Lloyd Fryer, "Tails: Good for Kites, Bad for Casts"

3:30 pm

Chris Duva, “Improving your Roll Cast

4:30 pm

Jim Wigington, “Five Steps to Easier Casting




9:30 am

John Hyde, "Simple Tricks and Tips"

11:00 am

Mary Ann Dozer, "Does your Fly Land First?"

12:30 pm

Marcus Talmadge, "The Importance of Stopping the Rod"

2:00 pm

Loc Vetter, "Enjoy casting and fishing"

2:15 pm

Joe Libeu, "Improving your Back Cast"

3:15 pm

Steve Hollenseed, "Casting Solutions for Windy Days"