NW Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo

Northwest Fly Tyer & Fly Fishing Expo – 2016

Central Oregon Guild Plate – 2016

The theme is Historical Steelhead Rivers of Oregon - with each Guild member tying one or two flies for a specific river. Each member did their own selection of flies which may represent flies they or someone they know has used on that river.

Snake River:

John Kreft – Green Ant and Purple Skunk
Valarie Anderson – Blue Light Special

Grand Ronde River:

Valarie Anderson – Purple Muddler
Bim Gander – Grand Ronde Rat and Patriot

John Day River:

Charlie Schillinsky – Pete O’ Light and Pete O’ Dark

Deschutes River:

Jim Ferguson – Dave’s Mistake and Signal Light
Richard Rohrbaugh – Freight Train and Max Canyon

Sandy River:

Chuck Scott – Pink, Purple Peril and Willies Shrimp

Willamette River:

Ruth Barrios – Beauly Snow Fly
Jim Fisher – Purple Bedspring and Hairwing Black Doctor

Umpqua River:

Sherry Steele – Spawning Purple and Silver Streak
Ron Giaier – Black Gordon Spey

Rogue River:

Ron Bell – Juicy Bugv
Dave Roberts – Red Ant and Golden Demon