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Expo 2017 Super Raffle - $5.00/Ticket

Winston Boron III LS 9ft 5wt. 4 piece

Reel - Galvin T5 Torque

Line - Scientific Anglers Mastery Trout WF-5-F

Winston Boron III LS series combines cutting-edge boron technology with the renowned "Winston Feel" to produce the most advanced light line trout rods made. The medium-fast action is lively and responsive, and allows anglers to delicately present flies with pinpoint accuracy. Exceptionally lightweight, these rods offer the touch, feel and control required by small stream and spring creek enthusiasts, or anyone who enjoys stalking big fish with small flies while protecting light tippets. Winston has over 80 years of experience designing rods for these often challenging situations. The Boron III LS series continues this tradition, and sets a new benchmark in light line stealth performance.