NW Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo

Featured Tyers

IFFF Buz Buszek Fly Tying Award winners: (the most prestigious award in fly tying):

Steven Fernandez (CA): Masterful fly tyer, teacher and creator of unique flys.

Henry Hoffman (OR): Originator of the genetic "super hackle", rooster rancher and creative tyer.

Jim Ferguson (OR): Former Expo Fly Tyer Chair, budding artist and entertaining teacher.

Al Beatty (ID): Specialize in hair wing flies and author of many books.

Stan Walters Memorial "Tyer of the Year" award winners:

1990 Lee Clark (OR): Developer of the Clark's Stone Fly and spins a good yarn.

1992 John Rodriquez (OR): Innovative pattern designer and master of fly material techniques.

1995 Shewey, John (OR): Author, editor and well-read steelhead fly tyer.

2000 Henry Hoffman (OR): Originator of the genetic "super hackle" and rooster rancher.

2001 Larry Nicholas (WA): Has a lifetime worth of tricks to manipulating feathers on a hook.

2004 Jim Schollmeyer (OR): Prolific author of many books on patterns and techniques.

2006 Jim Ferguson (OR): Former Expo Fly Tyer Chair, budding artist and entertaining teacher.

2010 Hal Gordon (OR): Expo Fly Tyer Chair and tyer of trout flys that catch fish.

2011 Jim Fisher (OR): Specializes in artful flys and former chair of the Expo.

2012 Keith Burkhart (OR): 2001 FFF Man of the Year and co-founder of the Expo.

2013 David Roberts (OR): Rogue River Guide, story teller and catcher of "half-pounders".

2014 Vic Hadley (OR): Instructor and tyer of classic steelhead flys.

2015 Cathy Hamilton (OR): Great instructors and tyers of trout flies.

2016 Olschewsky, John (OR): Ties beautiful atlantic salmon flies.

2017 Kreft, John (OR): Owner of RiverKeeper Flies and expert with Metolius River flies.

Noteworthy Expo Fly Tyers:

Hammond, Rockwell (WA): International fly tying awards winner and Atlantic salmon tyer.

Hirsh, Ilene (OR): Specializes in Alaska fly patterns for trout and Pacific salmon.

LaFollette, Joel (OR): Steelhead connoisseur and Royal Treatment Fly Shop owner.

Leong, Jackson (OR): International leader in developing realistic insect patterns.

Lesko, Garrett (OR): Talented bass hair tyer.

Marshall, Andrew (OR): Author, historian and tyer of the olde trout flys.

Marshall, George (OR): 15-year-old tyer and 2X winner of "Clipped Fly Contest".

Masuda, Kuni (WA): Tyer of Japanese Shimazaki hollow body dry flys and nymphs.

McNeese, Dave (OR): Iconic Pacific northwest hair-wing steelhead fly tyer.

Simpson, Mel (FL): Saltwater tyer with a flair of brightly colored feathers.

Wood, Garren (OR): Recently featured in Fly Tying magazines, specializes in woven flies.