NW Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo

Jackson Leong

Jackson Leong was first inspired by the realistic flies of Bob Mead and Bill Blackstone from the book The Art of the Trout Fly, by Judith Dunham. He tied his first realistic fly in September 2000, when he completed a praying mantis. Since then he has tied realistic spiders, crane-flies, stoneflies, snakes, and many other types of insects. Jackson uses his own process to develop new patterns, which includes having a vision for the fly, taking notes, and experimenting with his ideas. He primarily uses deer hair, porcupine quill, goose biots, boar's hair, feathers, and other natural materials in designing his realistic flies.

Jackson first tied at the NW Fly Tyers Expo in 2002. He has tied at shows across the country including Somerset, Portland, Ellensburg, and Seattle. He enjoys sharing his love of realistic tying with others and welcomes others to give it a try. Stop by his table if you have a chance and see him bring feathers and hair to life. Be sure to bring some of your own flies to show him as he loves to see what other people are coming up with.

Jackson Leong - Praying Mantis Closeup

Jackson Leong - Walking Stick

Jackson Leong - Demonstrating at NW Expo

Jackson Leong - Butterfly