The NW Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo is scheduled for March 2022

Introducing “ZoomTying” with COFTG (21 classes)
Presented by: Central Oregon Fly Tyers Guild
Starting December 3rd, every Thursday night.

Event Schedule is changed to Thursdays

Welcome to the fly-tying classes presented by Central Oregon Fly Tyers Guild (COFTG)

Top instructors will be your presenters. They will be teaching you how to tie the fly, what it imitates, how to fish it, where and what time of year to use it. You will have the opportunity to tie along, interact and ask questions with the chat tool in Zoom. Download Zoom to your computer or phone is advised.

All classes are free with optional donation to Oregon Council of Fly Fishers International  and/or Join Fly Fishers International

We will publish the Zoom Link to join the class 1 week prior to the class on these Facebook pages and also use email distribution for those that choose not to use Facebook.

Expo –

Central Oregon Fly Tyers Guild –

Central Oregon Fly Fishers –

Steelefly Facebook page –

We will provide a link to download a flyer that includes the fly recipe, information about the instructor and the current class schedule.

For more information about this tying series, request to email notifications or to ask about teaching one of the classes contact Sherry Steele Email: