Casting Games

Welcome to the NW Expo 2020 Casting Games

 “The McGinty Cup”

McGinty Cup

 Everyone is invited to participate in this new Casting Target Competition Fundraiser.

 We have named this competition “The McGinty Cup”

Read the McGinty Fly History of Oregon Casting Champions

 The 2020 Casting Games will take place on Friday & Saturday

This is a new event for the NW Expo being led by Brian O’Keefe.  This is a casting competition to help fund our Grant Programs and the NW Expo. Be ready to have fun with a friendly target casting competition.

The Games will begin on Friday at 12:00 noon and run until 3:00PM, then continue Saturday at 12:30PM – 5:00PM The Oregon Casting Champion with be crowned on Saturday afternoon and will win the 2020 “McGinty Cup” See schedule at

To enter this Casting Games Fundraiser, purchase your $5.00 score card at the merchandise booth and put you name on the list to cast at Casting Lane 6 in the exhibit hall. To better your score you can enter as many times as you wish by purchasing another score card if time allows.

The Basic Rules are simple: (More details will be available at the Expo)

There will be 5 (30”) targets placed at 25’,35’,45’,55’,65’

Rods will be 9’ 5wt, – Lines will be 5wt, 7 ½’ Leader minimum with Yarn Fly

Bring your own rod or an Echo 5wt Rod setup will be supplied.

Handicap False Casts – ACA and FFI certified get two false casts per target others get three.

Entries will be timed as needed to break ties

For questions or more information about this casting competition contact Sherry Steele 541-549-2072

McGinty by Steven Fernandez