Featured Tyers

IFFF Buz Buszek Fly Tying Award winners: (the most prestigious award in fly tying):

Steven Fernandez (CA): Masterful fly tyer, teacher and creator of unique flys.

Henry Hoffman (OR): Originator of the genetic “super hackle”, rooster rancher and creative tyer.

Jim Ferguson (OR): Former Expo Fly Tyer Chair, budding artist and entertaining teacher.

Al Beatty (ID): Specialize in hair wing flies and author of many books.

Wayne Luallen (CA) – Known for his attention to detail, including thread control and understanding the nature of tying materials. He ties everything from trout flies to full dress Atlantic Salmon flies.

Stan Walters Memorial “Tyer of the Year” award winners:

1990 Lee Clark (OR): Developer of the Clark’s Stone Fly and spins a good yarn.

1995 John Shewey (OR): Author, editor and well-read steelhead fly tyer.

2000 Henry Hoffman (OR): Originator of the genetic “super hackle” and rooster rancher.

2004 Jim Schollmeyer (OR): Prolific author of many books on patterns and techniques.

2006 Jim Ferguson (OR): Former Expo Fly Tyer Chair, budding artist and entertaining teacher.

2007 Richard Youngers (OR): Specializing in steelhead flys.

2009 Jerry Criss (OR): Master of soft hackles, hair hackling and classic Catskill flies.

2010 Hal Gordon (OR): Expo Fly Tyer Chair and tyer of trout flys that catch fish.

2011 Jim Fisher (OR): Specializes in artful flys and former chair of the Expo.

2012 Keith Burkhart (OR): 2001 FFF Man of the Year and co-founder of the Expo.

2013 David Roberts (OR): Rogue River Guide, story teller and catcher of “half-pounders”.

2014 Vic Hadley (OR): Instructor and tyer of classic steelhead flys.

2015 Cathy Hamilton (OR): Great instructors and tyers of trout flies.

2016 John Olschewsky (OR): Ties beautiful atlantic salmon flies.

2017 John Kreft (OR): Owner of RiverKeeper Flies and expert with Metolius River flies.

2018 Garren Wood (OR): Recently featured in fly tying magazines, specializes in woven flies.


Noteworthy Expo Fly Tyers:

Dahlquist, Sean (WA): Specializing in steelhead flies.

Dickey, Jeff (TX): Specializing in classic salmon flies.

Hammond, Rockwell (WA): International fly tying awards winner and Atlantic salmon tyer.

Hirsh, Ilene (OR): Specializes in Alaska fly patterns for trout and Pacific salmon.

Howard, Marty (UT): Author and steelhead specialist.

LaFollette, Joel (OR): Steelhead connoisseur and Royal Treatment Fly Shop owner.

Leong, Jackson (OR): International leader in developing realistic insect patterns.

Lesko, Garrett (OR): Talented bass hair tyer.

Marshall, Andrew (OR): Author, historian and tyer of the olde trout flys.

Marlatt, Mike (OR): Specializing in classic salmon flies.

Marshall, George (OR): 17-year-old tyer and 3X winner of “Clipped Fly Contest”.

Masuda, Kuni (WA): Tyer of Japanese Shimazaki hollow body dry flys and nymphs.

McNeese, Dave (OR): Iconic Pacific northwest hair-wing steelhead fly tyer.

Royer, Karen (OH)Ties terrific “fishable realistic” flies.

Strearns, Royce (OR): Tyer of classic wet flies.

Simpson, Mel (FL): Saltwater tyer with a flair of brightly colored feathers.

West, Shawn (WA): Bass hair tyer extraordinaire.

Williams, Chris (ID): Creative fly dresser of trout flies.