Fly Casting Skills Challenge

Free to all Expo Attendees and Volunteers

While you at the NW Fly Fishing Expo, head over to North Casting lanes ( Lane 1, and 2) in the Main Exhibit Hall and improve your casting and fishing skills.  Lane 3 is for you to practice. A 5wt Echo Rod will be available for you to use.

 What is the Casting Skills Challenge?

The Fly-Casting Skills Challenge is a fun way to increase casting and fishing skills for all levels of fly fishers. It includes three challenge levels progressing from Bronze to Gold that include fly casts used in many fishing situations.  The Bronze level Challenge is designed at the novice (but not beginner!) level fly fisher, while the Silver and Gold levels are aimed to advance the casting skills of intermediate and advanced level fly fishers.  Recognition Certificates and Pins are available for each level achieved. The Gold Level Skills Challenge was Includes skills close to those required for FFI instructor certification with the exception of any teaching skills. To learn more head to the FFI Learning Center Casting Skill Challenge Page.