Maxine McCormick

Maxine is a world class caster at age 15.  She will be be giving a presentation during the Friday reception about her casting experiences – this is something you don’t want to miss.  She will also be doing casting demonstrations on Saturday and signing autographs.



12 years old (two years ago at 2016 WC in Estonia), Maxine became the youngest World Champion in sports history, outscoring every women and MAN in trout accuracy!!


WC achievements, Maxine earned women’s division GOLD medals in 2 separate events and a SILVER in another:

Trout Accuracy – Finals score of 52 points (21 pts ahead of next closest women)
Salmon Distance – 2 hand winning cast of 189 feet!


Sea Trout Distance – 1 hand new long cast World Record (in prelim round) of 161 feet!!

She also made finals in the 5wt Trout Distance with a cast of 123 feet!!! How many male fly fishers can do that?


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