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Cascade Lake Flies

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On our Oregon Cascade Lakes most of the trout feeding behavior is going to happen below the surface. Trout, key into many types of food every day including Leeches, Callibaeits Nymphs and Chironomids (amongst many other food items). With options for fishing from just under the surface down to 20 feet, it is important to have flies that fish well using several presentation styles, including cast and strip, wind drifting, hanging flies under an indicator, dangling and even trolling. There is a fly for every need, and some flies fish well with all methods throughout a day of fishing. Jeff Perin, who guides on the lakes in Central Oregon, enjoys the game of figuring out what the fish will be taking on any given day, and the flies he will be teaching are tried and true patterns that he relies on to catch good trout. Tools needed will include a vise, bobbin, scissors, whip finisher, dubbing brush and bodkin. Please have both 3/0 and 6/0 black tying thread and head cement as well. Other materials will be provided. A step by step instruction sheet will also be provided for each fly.

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