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Tying the Life Cycle of the Callibaetis

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One of the premier hatches on western lakes, including many in Oregon, is the callibaetis. It hatches in huge numbers, often over a period of several hours, and each stage of the insect is readily available to feeding trout. As the stages develop, trout will often key in on one stage at a time, ignoring other stages that may be present, and thus the angler needs to be prepared for all three when fishing this hatch. In this class we will learn proven patterns for each callibaetis stage: nymph, dun and spinner. Insect recognition and angling techniques will be discussed as well. Tools needed will be the usual, but must include a hair stacker and a bobbin loaded with tan or grey 8/0 thread. Materials will be supplied and the characteristics of needed materials will be explained.

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