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Where did all these women come from?


Where did all these women come from? 241

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Women have been participating in flyfishing since Dame Juliana Berners wrote "A Treatyse of Fysshynge with an Angle" in 1496. But the past few years have seen a virtual flood of women jump into the sport with both feet and multiple rods! But while the jumping hasn't always been easy and sometimes it's been downright funny, more women are fishing, shopping, and participating in this marvelous sport than ever before. Join Judy Harris, Kim Garner, Maggi Mac and others, as they take a tongue in cheek look at what it takes to make sure your shop, your club, or your guide service gets more gal friendly. We'll be sharing anecdotes, advice, and do's and don'ts about how to accomodate and market to women.

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Instructor:Judy Harris
Location:Classroom 1
Time:3:15 - 4:45