Tyer – Andrew Marshall

I have been tying flies for close over 40 years now. I am pretty much self-taught, figuring the basics out myself, then finding books to help. My first flies were all tied in hand, with materials taken from my mothers sewing and knitting supplies. I got most of my techniques for salmon flies following T. E. Pryce-Tannatt. I got into the really antique flies about 10 years ago, chasing down the origins of the Black Dog, documenting it in an online blog that eventually grew to include many Atlantic Salmon flies, streamers and the like, and eventually provided the framework for my books. Now I tie mostly the antique flies, pre-1800’s trout and salmon, in hand, as period correct as possible. These I tie for my books, “The History and Evolution of the Trout Fly” and also to fish, finding that most of the flies still work quite reasonably compared to modern patterns. My research has taken me as far back in time as flies go, to discover that much of what we think of as new and modern has been done before at least once, often more than once, with the same success. There really is very little, if anything, that is truly new in our craft.