Tyer – Dave McNeese

For over 55 years I have flyfished and tied flies. In 1969 I began a catalog business called “My Flies”, specializing in hand dyed materials and flies of my own design. for trout, steelhead and salmon. I caught the attention of Ted Neimeyer and Eric Leiser who then arranged a trip for me to go back east to spend time in the Catskills to improve my tying skills. I stayed with Harry and Elsie Darbee for the summer of 1975, and visited with numerous tyers, fly shop owners and supply houses. Elsie spent long hours teaching me the art of tying the Catskill flies and Harry taught me salmon flies and streamers. Poul Jorgensen was intrigued by my NW steelhead adventures so later that summer he came to Oregon to fish the North Umpqua with me. It was at this time that I saw how well he tied salmon flies, and each day we spent tying a different fly together. Not long after this, my material business boomed and I sold it to open “McNeese’s Fly Shop” in Salem, OR. We offered classes taught by some of the best: Wayne Leuellen, Bob Veverka, Poul Jorgensen, Mark Waslick, and many others. The students from those classes went on to become great tyers of whom I am so proud. Currently I am marketing my Blue Heron Spey Hook, and still fly fish, tie flies, dye materials, and chase butterflies.