Tyer – George Marshall

George Marshall, now 17, started tying at age 9 with a vise he made out of a c-clamp and a 2X4. His first named creation was the “poison fly” that he used to fish for trout and panfish and later came up with a fly called the PHEP that is a secret, killer trout nymph. At the age of 10 he entered the inaugural Clipped fly tying contest and was runner up to Hal Gordon. He subsequently won the Clipped contest 3 times. He started fishing for steelhead at 9 and at the age of 12 approximately at the time he got his first spey rod, he announced that he was going to “focus” on anadromous fish.  He currently specializes in steelhead flies. This is his 6th or 7th year at the Expo.