Tyer – Mel Simpson

I’m an Oregon Steelhead fly fisherman that moved to Florida to saltwater fly fish. I started fly fishing in saltwater in the 1980’s and moved to St. Petersburg, Florida in 1993 to become a Tarpon, Redfish and Snook guide.

My favorite fish are the very large Tarpon of the West Coast of Florida. They’re hard to catch and harder to land and they’ll eat flies. After using the old “keys style” splayed wing flies for many years, I began to play with a bold colored, short fat non-splayed feather for the wings. After many changes the fly evolved into the style I call “Fat Wing” flies. The bright colors are meant to get a quick reaction from the fish and are visible from my polling tower.

The reason I guide is to share what I’ve learned and seen. The fish and places I fish for them are in some of the most beautiful places in the world.

I hope you enjoy my flies.

Capt. Mel Simpson