Tyer – Mike Marlatt

I started tying flies at the young age of 3. I grew up in Eugene, Oregon right in prime trout and steelhead country. Steelheading became a passion and I learned to hone my skills by tying these beautifully colored flies I would use to pursue my favorite fish. Although I enjoyed tying steelhead flies, the beauty and complexity of the salmon and spey files had always intrigued me. It wasn’t until 2012 that I got the opportunity to fall down the rabbit hole. I remember tying at the Northwest Fly Tyer and Fly Fisher expo in Albany, Oregon and watching all the Atlantic tyers and thinking to myself, why am I not doing this. I’m really not sure if it was the beauty of the flies or all the amazing materials that sucked me in the most, never the less my journey had begun. I reached out to a local tyer, Skip Hosfield, and he helped me get started. I began reading everything I could get my hands on and practiced every chance I got. Made a lot of great friends through the internet and eventually landed in the NWASFG which I have been a member of for 2 years now.