Tyer – Tony Muncy

I began tying flies at a very young age. My dad has been an avid fly fisherman and tyer most of his life and passed it along to me. I enjoy tying trout and steelhead flies and anything that can be fished here in the Pacific Northwest. I tie at various fly tying shows in the Pacific Northwest over the years and hope to attend others around the country in the future. I have built lifelong friendships and a support system within this community that has helped me grow into the tyer and fisherman I am today. I am currently on Team Norvise and a Pro Team member with Ahrex Hooks.


There is never a shortage of inspiration and desire to learn more. I spend nearly everyday trying to study, learn or discover something new about fly fishing and fly tying. I believe I will always be a “student of the vise” and never run out of things to learn. My overall goal is to bring the community closer together and to share my passions with others and pass it down to future generations.


Also, over the past couple years I have pursued another passion of mine… graphic design and illustration. I have catered much of what I do at Muncy Designs to the fly fishing and fly tying community. This endeavor has allowed me to interact with folks from all over the world and learn so much more about this sport than I ever thought possible. I look forward to meeting you and please feel free to reach out to me by email or social media to say hello.


Website – Muncydesigns.com
Social Media – @muncydesigns


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