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New for 2024

Casting Competition

  • First Prize (Adult)Full Day Guided Trip
  • First Prize (Kid)1/2 Day Guided  Trip

This will be an accuracy competition where the participant will cast at a series of targets with a fly rod and fly (this will be provided). The closer the fly lands on the target the higher the score. The highest score for each division (Adult and youth) will win prizes. Prizes this year are sponsored by Watershed Fly Shop.

Cost = 5$ per entry. A participant can enter as many times as they want to renew their score.

Tenkara Competition

  • Champion – Receives the Tenkara Trophy and a Top of the Line Tanuki Rod

This will be an accuracy competition where the participant will learn to cast and cast at a series of targets with a tenkara rod and fly (this will be provided). It will involve two levels which include:

The Golden Trout (open to youth and beginners). Each participant will need to get a token and in order to get a token they need to practice casting with a coach. Once the token is received, the participant will use this token to deposit in a jar to be able to make three casts to a target. If the participant hits the target, the jar will be emptied, and the participant will then go back in line. When the time is over, the top 5 will earn a prize and move to the Championship.

The Tenkara Casting Championship will involve casting to a smaller target and will be sudden death with each participant only getting five casts. The participant that gets the highest score with the five casts will get the trophy and Tanuki rod. One rod for youth level, and one rod for adult level.

Cost = FREE

We can help...

What to Expect...

Casting Demonstrations – These are 15–20-minute sessions where a casting instructor will explain and demonstrate a casting topic of their choice. For a list of the casting demonstrations for this year’s Expo, see the casting schedule located here.

Fly Casting Skills Development (FCSD) – Fly Casting Skills Development (FCSD) is a fun way to improve casting skills in a self-paced fashion for anyone interested in fly casting. It involves completing a series of casts at four levels from beginner to advanced which includes Foundation, Bronze, Silver and Gold. For more information see

FFI Instructor Help/Coaching – Got a case of the piling or tailing loops? FFI instructors and casting instructor volunteers are here to help! FFI Instructors and casting instructor volunteers will be available to help you for FREE and will be in Casting Lane 4.

Single Hand and Two Hand Spey Casting Classes – Want to learn to single hand or two hand spey cast? Sign up for a class with a Casting Instructor to learn the basics or tips to improve your cast. See the casting classes available here. Take a Casting Class

Our FFI Instructors